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Use the School Locator system to find the schools associated with your home address. This system is based on information for the current school year. Additional research with the Dallas Central Appraisal District or the District Tax Office is necessary to determine eligibility for enrollment when the district boundary intersects the geography of an address.

House Number:
Street Name:

1. Enter your house number in the House Number field.
2. Enter your street name in the Street Name field.
  If your street name includes a suffix, such as Road, Lane, Court, Circle, etc., don't include the suffix or any abbreviated version of the suffix. Likewise, if your street name includes a prefix such as North, South, East or West, don't include it, either.
3. Click the Find Schools button.

Although every effort has been made to ensure accurate data, the results presented by this search tool are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate for all addresses at all times. If you cannot locate your schools using this system, or you have a question about the schools presented in the search results for a given address, please call the RISD Office for Special Projects at 469-593-0339.

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